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Khan; a three part system:

-Precision machined aluminium top plate
-Revised studs and fixing bolts
-Machined replacement alloy cross brace

Introductory price £795 incl VAT
The Top plate replacement is a straight replacement for the original stainless steel sheet. Machined from a solid alloy billet it is dramatically stiffer than the original part, whilst weighing a similar amount. Not only does this provide an accurate and stable platform from which to suspend the sub chassis but it also provides a significant reduction in the amount of energy from the motor reaching the sub chassis and main bearing. This in turn improves music retrieval.
Many have noticed that the existing top plate is in fact a stressed fit; the stainless steel original incorporates a bend to ensure that it makes good contact with the wooden plinth to reduce rattles. However, it means that the three subchassis bolts will never hang perpendicularly and require bending to ensure an accurate set up of the deck. The Tiger Paw version is completely flat. The machined studs now sit accurately and perpendicularly to the top plate; set up is dramatically simpler.  The top plate is fundamental to all aspects of the LP12; the motor is mounted to it, the sub chassis is suspended from it, and it is mated to the plinth.

Top Plate components are machined to reduce standing wave formation. Each piece is designed to be inert and not act as a wave multiplier. Similarly this has not been achieved by increasing the mass of the component, which we have found to be ultimately detrimental to the overall performance of the deck.

Khan does not require any modification to the LP12 but simply replaces the original part.
Cross Brace

The original pressed steel cross brace is replaced with a machined alloy part which is both more rigid and features standing wave reduction grooving. The Tiger Paw version will not distort when tightened and provides a rigid resonance free platform for either the Valhalla board or Lingo control board. Once again it is produced to exacting standards and a straight replacement for the original Linn part.
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The sKale achieves this in three ways:

1. By placing the counterweight in the optimum position near to the fulcrum of the arm the cartridge benefits from less influence from inertia, in other words the mass of the counterweight is being moved less. This is particularly noticeable if you choose to use a heavier cartridge such as some Dynavctors, Lyras and most Koetsus. However, the effects are still quite pronounced with medium to lighter weight cartridges.

2. sKale incorporates an offset centre hole which serves to lower the centre of gravity of the mass further in line with the stylus and cantilever. The benefits of this are well documented and incorporated in to the design of many other high performance arms.

3. sKale features a unique decoupling arrangement to reduce resonance reflection within the arm. A great deal of time was spent analysing and evaluating the impact of using different materials to decouple the weight from the arm; the final choice was arrived at following extensive listening evaluation.


The key function of the Tiger Paw sKale adjustable counterweight is to allow the cartridge to perform optimally when using Ittok, Ekos and Ekos SE arms.
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Adjustment of mass of the sKale is achieved by fitting additional discs in to the recess to the rear of the counterweight, secured by three bolts. The weight of the basic skale is 140g and the two additional discs weigh 20g and 15g thereby offering the following options;


What can you expect?

Essentially, more music from your LP12.

Specifically you can expect greater focus which harmonically portrays a greater picture of the music. Timing is engaging and intrinsic to the song. There is greater detail retrieval and a noticeable drop in the noise floor. The sound is more integrated with a seamless transmission through the frequency range.

Khan transcends where we were before.
SKale is available in either a Satin Chrome or Satin Black finish to compliment the high quality that users of these arms would expect.

Considerable development has gone in to the final product which, as with all Tiger paw products, has undergone extensive and protracted listening evaluation at every stage both by ourselves and from independent listeners. Managing the relationship between record and stylus is the essence of vinyl replay and sKale has been designed to further improve that interface.

As for the gains in sound quality these are best quantified for one’s self and should be easy to evaluate at one of our dealers; we note a deeper more tuneful bass, vocals are sweeter and more intelligible while the top end is cleaner and more detailed.  These qualities are achieved by simply creating a better environment for the cartridge to do its job.

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Introducing the Elevator

Elevator is a new accessory for the Naim Aro tonearm and has been designed specifically to enable easier cuing.

The original Aro is a unipivot design and was not offered with a cuing device but relied on customers dong this by hand. The ‘Aromatic’ was briefly available to assist with this but has not been available for many years.

Elevator is a bespoke solution designed to be fitted directly to the Linn arm board utilizing existing components. The Keel (A) already incorporates an additional locating point which needs to be drilled through. If using a standard arm board then this will require an additional mounting hole to be drilled in the same place as the original Aromatic hole.

In practice the Elevator offers damped raising and lowering of the cuing bar as in a conventional arm and features a similar pot to that fitted to the Ekos SE. The bridge can be lowered or raised to suit differing cartridge geometries and incorporates complete adjustability. The bridge it self has also been lengthened to provide additional security.

We would like to thank Peter Swain at Cymbiosis for his assistance in conceiving the Elevator and hope that it brings increased confidence and ease of use to those Aro users with expensive cartridges!

Price £129

Available, now.