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Tiger Paw Philosophy

We aim to provide honest products to improve the pleasure you get from your turntable. Each product has been carefully developed and manufactured to offer performance and value. We also try to ensure that they are components you can be proud of owning in terms of its finish and design.

Music is such a powerful part of millions of people’s lives, it takes us to new places and provides a back drop to memories and events. Replaying a record is an extraordinary technical challenge and the most rewarding element of what we do is finding ways to recover more of the information that was originally encoded and take you further in to the music. This is what drives our team and we hope it brings you even more connection with your own music.


About Us

The Tiger Paw team have a wealth of experience setting up and using the celebrated LP12 turntable, along with a passion for music and the sound of vinyl. The goal was (and still is) to raise the bar of this record player’s performance whilst maintaining the basis of its beguiling musical signature. Most owners will have recognized the significant strides that Linn have made over the years in improving the LP12s performance and Tiger Paw have decided to tackle other legacy areas not currently addressed. Modern manufacturing and engineering processes have enabled significant improvements to be made.

Our team calls on a broad range of engineering experience to evaluate and find practical solutions to improve the performance of components within the player to deliver more faithful information to be read from the LP. Tiger Paw are now proud to offer an affordable range of products that significantly improves the performance and appearance of your LP12 turntable.

Development Programme

All our components are evaluated both by measurement and careful listening comparisons in identical players and using a broad range of ancillary equipment. Testing is rigorous and often involves independent listeners and blind testing. We have both full specification current players arms and cartridges along with older versions to evaluate performance of components in a wide range of system contexts.

Protecting Tigers!

I don't know what the meaning of life is;  I'm grateful to have a wonderful family, many good friends and the chance to pursue things that interest me. But the world is a complicated place, we have challenges in all corners of the world and it's easy just to see what we want to see and ignore what we can't see. For that reason we want to give a little back and we now sponsor a Tiger through WWF - there are now around 3,900 left and they're trying to increase that number to 6,000 by 2022.  Anyway, we'll create a news page for Tiger progress soon and keep you updated. 

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