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From the day we introduced the Khan precision machined top plate the inevitable conclusion would be the development and launch of a fully integrated plinth system in which to incorporate the LP12 mechanics.


Accurate record replay is based around precision measurement. Quite simply, the more accurately the record is read the more music you will hear. The LP12 has been proving that for over 40 years. As technology improves, so too does the performance of the player.


Stratos plinth has been designed to take that one step further with a unique construction. Each plinth starts life as two solid billets of aluminium. Both blocks are carefully machined in to an upper and lower section. The upper part incorporates the top plate and the top four flutes. The lower section starts at the step of the lower flute and then continues in one piece to include the bottom tray. The two sections are then bolted together to form a rigid structure of immense strength. The precision joint is invisible to the eye being hidden by the shape of the lower flute.


The lower section incorporates mountings for Trampolin feet and Urika if required. Similarly the Stratos plinth is compatible with original AC motor, Radikal DC motor and current Lingo 4 motor and supply, and all versions of sub chassis.


As you would imagine, the dramatic increase in rigidity from such an inert plinth brings a profound new musical experience to playing records. It also makes a dramatic visual statement.


Stratos comes complete with the following:


Precision machined upper and lower case

16 stainless steel M4 securing bolts

cable clamps, 4 x M3 cable clamp bolts

3 x  M5 stainless steel suspension mounting studs

Radikal /Lingo 4 sensor mounting kit

2 x M5 studs for arm cable holder and earth strap.



Price £2995. 

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