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We are proud of the feedback we have had  from many happy customers, here’s a few examples:

Not much surprises me these days, but I have to say...................... This did!


The first track I used was Ian Dury's Wake up and make love to me, from his 1978 New Boots and Panties album. I really like it as it just bops along and gets my foot tapping, plus the lyrics are as funny as hell IMHO.

Playing my standard top-plate LP12 first, I was really enjoying the rhythm and the story he tells on the track - It always puts a smile on my face. However, on swapping to the Khan, I was immediately aware that his voice sounded cleaner, the very slight "edge" in his voice had gone. Everything just appeared easier to follow, with me being more able to follow his rather suggestive lyrics. Less hash if you like, is probably the best way to describe it. The music also IMHO had better flow, more organic and I found myself singing along with his words (Ooops! Probably not a good idea!)

Anyway, the best way to describe it was I just had a feeling of being more connected to the music

Attention all LP12 owners this is the upgrade you thought you didnt need but believe me you certainly do, it is massive.

I wasnt going to go into spefics but last nights session went on very late, left me spell bound and wanting more Im shattered this morning.

Just a few observations, I always start my evenings listening with side 1 of Ryans Adams gold. Well the extra information coming through amazed me, the bass, the vocals so much more real and I didnt think that was possible!


concur with what has been said already about bass, cleaner, tighter, deeper. On some dance I know well from seeing the band live, the visceral feel of the bass line far more accurate. Top end cleaned up greatly. HiHat the most accurate I have heard from LP, looses some splash and gains more metallic and sonorous edge as it should. Subtle percussive rhythms coming through missed before. Vocals to die for.

Love this product big time!

"These are my impressions . Its better.... Okay, more detail , more dynamics , deeper and more textured bass, voices are more real and convincing . It dose PRAT pace-rhythm-&-timing. It also dose PRAT pitch-rhythm-&-timbre . The timbre is one of its strongest attributes , the combination of flat and round earth abilities are compelling . This is good kit, up with the Keel and Radikal , it's that good. Surface noise is reduced, pops are shorter and softer. And I leave the best till last. The Khan (and in my system with Radikal ) have a rock solid matter of fact rightness, I stop listening to HiFi and start listening to music . Music that engulfs and delights . Love it."

"Loving my Khan'd LP12. Have heard many LP12's over the years but didn't really "get it" until I heard a Khan'd one.
Four months later and I've got one sitting at home.

Khan is, IMHO, 100% about music and tunefulness first, that is what I noticed almost from the first note.

Khan is a game changer... Tiger Paw nailed it with the Khan...

“From a sound perspective its a big step up. Blacker backgrounds, deeper more articulate bass and a further degree of de-smearing that allows the music to flow to an even greater degree. For the money, it's a no brainier and it adds to my ears almost as much, if not as much as the keel did”

I think Tiger-Paw hit the ball out of the park with this product!

Akula Sub Chassis

Superb, absolutely love the thinking and the installation was a breeze. Well done Tiger Paw! 

I couldn't resist trying this and the Keel is going, not often you make an upgrade and end up with money in your pocket. 

Music is flowing like never before, the Aro is singing beautifully, I'm really really over the moon. Thanks again. 

It's certainly the best sub chassis I've heard for the LP12. 

Vulkan Wall shelf system

The product came in.  I’ve got it mounted.  Works like a charm. 

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