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-  Khan  -

  • Precision machined aluminium top plate

  • Revised studs and fixing bolts


The Top plate replacement is a straight replacement for the original stainless steel sheet. Machined from a solid alloy billet it is dramatically stiffer than the original part, whilst weighing a similar amount. Not only does this provide an accurate and stable platform from which to suspend the sub chassis but it also provides a significant reduction in the amount of energy from the motor reaching the sub chassis and main bearing. This in turn improves music retrieval.

Many have noticed that the existing top plate is in fact a stressed fit; the stainless steel original incorporates a bend to ensure that it makes good contact with the wooden plinth to reduce rattles. However, it means that the three subchassis bolts will never hang perpendicularly and require bending to ensure an accurate set up of the deck. The Tiger Paw version is completely flat. The machined studs now sit accurately and perpendicularly to the top plate; set up is dramatically simpler.  The top plate is fundamental to all aspects of the LP12; the motor is mounted to it, the sub chassis is suspended from it, and it is mated to the plinth.

Top Plate components are machined to reduce standing wave formation. Each piece is designed to be inert and not act as a wave multiplier. Similarly this has not been achieved by increasing the mass of the component, which we have found to be ultimately detrimental to the overall performance of the deck.

Khan does not require any modification to the LP12 but simply replaces the original part

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to produce the Khan in Jet Black. This is achieved with an advanced paint process which will not fade or degrade over time which can occur with inferior anodised finishes. We have added two images above to give you an idea of what this looks like. 

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