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-  sKale Counterweights  -

          Chrome  sKale for Ittok
         Chrome sKale for Nima
           Chrome sKale for Aro

The key function of the Tiger Paw sKale adjustable counterweight is to allow the cartridge to perform optimally when using Ittok, Ekos and Ekos SE arms. We also offer versions to suit the Naim Aro, Roksan Nima, and Rega RB series arms. 

The sKale achieves this in three ways:

1. By placing the counterweight in the optimum position near to the fulcrum of the arm the cartridge benefits from less influence from inertia, in other words the mass of the counterweight is being moved less. This is particularly noticeable if you choose to use a heavier cartridge such as some Dynavctors, Lyras and most Koetsus. However, the effects are still quite pronounced with medium to lighter weight cartridges.

2. sKale incorporates an offset centre hole which serves to lower the centre of gravity of the mass further in line with the stylus and cantilever. The benefits of this are well documented and incorporated in to the design of many other high performance arms.

3. sKale features a unique decoupling arrangement to reduce resonance reflection within the arm. A great deal of time was spent analysing and evaluating the impact of using different materials to decouple the weight from the arm; the final choice was arrived at following extensive listening evaluation.

Adjustment of mass of the sKale is achieved by fitting additional discs in to the recess to the rear of the counterweight, secured by three bolts. For example the weight of the basic Linn skale is 140g and the two additional discs weigh 20g and 15g thereby offering the following options;


SKale is available in either a Satin Chrome, Satin Black and also a bright chrome finish to compliment the Ekos SE, Ekos, and Ittok arms respectively. 

Considerable development has gone in to the final product which, as with all Tiger paw products, has undergone extensive and protracted listening evaluation at every stage both by ourselves and from independent listeners. Managing the relationship between record and stylus is the essence of vinyl replay and sKale has been designed to further improve that interface.

As for the gains in sound quality these are best quantified for one’s self and should be easy to evaluate at one of our dealers; we note a deeper more tuneful bass, vocals are sweeter and more intelligible while the top end is cleaner and more detailed.  These qualities are achieved by simply creating a better environment for the cartridge to do its job.

Aro sKale

Enormously popular and well recieved, in addition to the above features, the Aro version also allows easy optimisation of the azimuth of the arm. Being a unipivot it is critical to ensure that the azimuth of the cartridge is correct (lateral balance/alignment) in order to ensure that the stylus is correctly positioned in the groove. Rotating the offset counterweight alters the lateral balance of the arm to precisely and easily adjust this parameter

Nima sKale

As with the Aro, the Nima also benefits from the ability to adjust lateral balance along with the overall benefits of being able to adjust counterweight mass and position.

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