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Really pleased to announce the release of the new Tiger Paw Javelin tone arm. Demo versions will be available at selected dealers next week, bit slow on the photos will hopefully add them over the weekend, but very pleased at the reaction to it by those who have had the chance to audition and compare it. 

Many thanks to Stephen Nelson for hosting an informal meet up at his house on Saturday for a handful of customers to have a listen. That Vanessa Fernandez track was outstanding, a fantastic experience, many thanks. 




We're pleased to announce the release of the new Stratos machined Aluminium plinth employing a unique construction to ensure a supremely stable  platform for the LP12 mechanics. Price is £2995 and it should be available with our dealers over  the next couple of weeks. More information can be found under our products page above. 


Well, first things first, Best wishes to all our customers for a Happy and Healthy New Year! 

We've had a busy end to 2017 and we've been working on several additions to the range. First we have finally completed 2 new Akula versions which are now available for Roksan Nima users and Rega RB series arms. The Rega version is suitable for both original fitment with arm collar, or the 3 point mounting system of the later arms. Listening tests have been quite illuminating, the addition of a solid alloy sub chassis really takes these arms to a new level in terms of resolution and musical performance. As many will appreciate the quality of build, materials and design with these arms remains fundamentally capable of very high performance and the transition from mounting on the old fibre arm board and on to a high performance sub chassis is significant. 

I also picked up a Zeta last year and decided to make a one off Akula for my own benefit as I was intrigued to see what the results would be if mounted on a modern sub chassis, bearing in mind they will only ever have been heard mounted on the original laminated arm board. Well, suffice to say this has been something of a revelation and this is my preferred deck of choice right now. Dynamic, very powerful and completely musically convincing. I did modify the arm with an additional cartridge mounting hole to take the Linn 3 point mount system. I describe at as an Aro with more control and resolution at the frequency extremes. Anyway,  this won't be an official product but if any Zeta users would like one then let me know, and I will produce them on a one off basis. One thing I did discover with the Zeta is that the arm bearings did require adjusting to reseat and optimise them. This is not a job to be undertaken lightly but if you're in any doubt then get in touch with Johnny at Audio Origami, and also take notice about what he says about packing it up, original packaging is not good enough. 

We're also in the final stages of several new products so I hope these will bring LP12 owners even more musical enjoyment in 2018. 


Pleased to confirm that we'll be attending the Signals Show (Audio Show East) on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th of November. 

Signals are a great dealer, and one of the few Naim Statement dealers in the UK. Alistair and Andy are both knowledgeable, experienced and great to deal with, and have recently expanded in to new premises earlier this year. We'll be providing a Tiger Paw LP12 in the Kudos room, and hope you can swing by. Kudos have also had a busy year with the launch of the fantastic new Titan models. 


We've finally finished the production versions of the  Jet Black Khans. Over the years we've had several requests for a black finish and have always done this on a one off basis, but we've now found a great supplier who is able to offer the latest paint technology provide an outstanding uniform  finish in a velvet black. 

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