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-  VulKan Wall Shelf  -

The VulKan wall shelf has been designed to be an effective, light weight, and rigid mounting platform for the LP12 or other high performance turntable. It features a thin wall steel frame constructed to be as light but rigid as possible, and offers three or four point spike decoupling for the top shelf. The frame is finished in matt black powder coat process. In conjunction with specially imported wall fixings, which provide filtering from wall vibration, the VulKan wall shelf assembly has been designed to offer a consistent, stable platform for a turntable.

VulKan encompasses many detailled features to ensure that firstly it delivers a superb platform for your turntable but also to ensure that it will last a lifetime. The spikes are specifically manufactured to our own specification and incorporate a pin hole to aid adjustment and levelling. The inserts also feature a hexagonal locating boss to ensure that they do not turn and loosen over time. It is finished in a tough satin powder coat on all surfaces and the shelf has been specifically selected for it's sonic qualities. 

In order to prevent the shelf being accidentally knocked, the two wooden shelves feature security slots and two pins on either side of the frame to prevent accidental slippage

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