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-  Elevator  -

Elevator is a new accessory for the Naim Aro tonearm and has been designed specifically to enable easier cuing.

The original Aro is a unipivot design and was not offered with a cuing device but relied on customers dong this by hand. The ‘Aromatic’ was briefly available to assist with this but has not been available for many years.

Elevator is a bespoke solution designed to be fitted directly to the Linn arm board utilizing existing components. The Keel (A) already incorporates an additional locating point which needs to be drilled through. If using a standard arm board then this will require an additional mounting hole to be drilled in the same place as the original Aromatic hole.


In practice the Elevator offers damped raising and lowering of the cuing bar as in a conventional arm and features a similar pot to that fitted to the Ekos SE. The bridge can be lowered or raised to suit differing cartridge geometries and incorporates complete adjustability. The bridge it self has also been lengthened to provide additional security.

We would like to thank Peter Swain at Cymbiosis for his assistance in conceiving the Elevator and hope that it brings increased confidence and ease of use to those Aro users with expensive cartridges!

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